Deborah Yang

Debbie would like to share her experiences in Tai Ji (Tai Chi) and yoga with the students, focusing on bringing strength, energy and balance into their daily lives. She has won numerous gold medals in Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi) and Tai Ji Sword at both national and international level competitions. She has been instructed by Master Lu XiaolingMaster Chen Zheng Lei, and Master Chang Jung Jen. She is also a certified Yoga Instructor and currently teaches at Xsport Fitness.

Athlete:  – Women’s Internal forms Grand champion, Baltimore Golden Cup Competition (1998)
                Pan American Wushu Championship US Team Member – 1st place Taiji Barehand, Taiji Sword (2000)
                USAWKF Hall of Fame in the Internal Athlete Division (2002)
                Adult U.S. Wushu Team Member (A Team 2003)
                7th World Wushu Championships (Macau 2003)
                National Tournament – 1st place Chen style Taiji
Certifications:  – Certified Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance since 2006
                          Certified Health Qigong Instructor